The History

The permanent concern of this land for the wine is historical.

The Empordà is the oldest wine region of the Iberic Peninsula, the Phoenicians were the first ones in introducing the cultivation of wine in this country.

During the Middle Ages, the mediterranean wine-producing culture was narrowly linked to the monastic life, as the monks were the main disclosers.

The Vice-Earldom of Biart is dated of the Middle Ages, year 1150, and its medieval castle was built in that time, and destroyed by the Napoleonic invasions.

Nowadays, it has been rebuilt and transformed in a modern cellar with medieval touches.
It is equipped with the best and modern technology for the production of excellent wines and cavas with guarantee of origin EMPORDÀ.

Castell de Biart has gathered all this tradition and produces its “juices” with the caress and affection of our ancestors.